The Iron-Mills Story

The Inspiration Behind Iron-Mills

We don't know about you, but we love a good origin story. It just so happens that our origin story is right at the centre of who we are as a company and what we have set out to achieve. 

Our story starts with our founder Guy. Actually, if we're being sincere, it goes back even further than Guy, our origins can be traced to a kitchen worktop in the mid-1970s. 

Guy’s grandparents owned one of those timeless, Robert Welch cast iron Mills from the '60s. 

An Updated Modern Aesthetic

This mill became one of those coveted family heirlooms as the years went by. It used to be a staple feature at the family dining table and won scores of praise from guests. 

Eventually, Guy inherited this masterpiece that works, to this day. 

Intrigued by the longevity, ingenuity and sheer beauty of the mill, Guy took to designing his own updated version. Whiling away the long winter months of 2019/20 Guy studied the mill and produced designs for a sublime modern-day version. 

The Man Behind The Mills

Taking his knowledge from a Rolls-Royce engineering apprenticeship, Guy produced detailed designs. The designs for Guy's Mill focussed on retaining the prolonged functionality of that original mill while introducing a stunning modern aesthetic. 

Guy tested these designs on the public eye early in 2020, and the feedback was spectacular. Recognising the retail base was there, Guy kept it in the back of his mind that he was onto something with his designs.  

Iron-Mills, Version 1.0

Then, as the world was struck by Covid-19, Guy decided the time was right to bring this vision to reality. 

The UK full-lockdown, due to COVID-19, saw people across the country with time on their hands. Guy chose to use this time wisely by learning a heap of new skills to bring his elegant design to market. 

Guy built this website from the ground up, refined designs, spoke with manufacturers and suppliers and perfected a prototype all from the comfort of his home. 

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Now, we are ready to introduce the world to the only salt/pepper mill you will ever need. 

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