The Iron-Mills Story

A Coveted Heirloom for the Heart of the Home

Our origin story begins on a kitchen countertop in the mid-1970s in Cheltenham, England.

Heather and Keith Beardsley, my amazing grandparents, were the proud owners of a 1960s Robert Welch cast iron pepper mill — a staple of their dining table and the centrepiece of their home.

It eventually became one of those coveted family heirlooms, industrial yet beautiful in form and function, with a deep green powder-coated body and reassuringly solid brass handle.

It was present during my fondest memories of time spent with family and conversations over delicious food.

Cast for the Next Generation

Eventually, I inherited their masterpiece, a mechanical marvel that features in my kitchen to this day.

Intrigued by its longevity, ingenuity and the design of their classic mill, I took to re-designing an updated product fit for the next generation.

Little did I know this was the beginning of a roller coaster journey into entrepreneurship - the most formidable challenge I've faced to date.

The Man Behind the Mills

Drawing upon knowledge from my engineering apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce, I produced detailed designs and drawings for prototype mills.

Throughout the design process, I focused on retaining my grandparents' original mill's longevity and functionality while introducing a modern aesthetic.

I introduced my designs to the public in early 2020, and the feedback was, to my surprise, extremely positive. 

Recognising the demand for a high-precision pepper mill, I felt I was onto something special.

A Vision Becoming Reality, Version 1.0

As the world was struck by Covid-19, I decided the time was right to bring my vision to reality. 

The UK wide lockdown, due to COVID-19, saw people across the country confined to their homes. I chose to use this time wisely by embarking on bringing Iron-Mills to life.

I built this website from the ground up, refined my designs, liaised with manufacturers and suppliers to build a prototype - all while staying safe in my living room.

Quality Cast Iron Salt & Pepper Mills in our Selection of Bright Colours

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After two years of interacting with customers, carefully listening to your feedback, design iteration after design iteration and endless enthusiasm in pursuing perfection, I'm finally ready to introduce the world to the only salt and pepper mills you'll ever need.

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