BBQ Grilled Vegetables with Mint and Lime

BBQ Grilled Vegetables with Mint and Lime

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No-one likes soggy veggies, and let’s be honest, it’s happened to the best of us. You put in a tray of buttery, honey-glazed veggies, hoping for crispy perfection, only to end up with sad, wilted veg. This recipe explains how to grill your veg right for that smoky, lightly charred finish. You wouldn’t want to serve up a sad side of vegetables with an otherwise perfect barbecue!

Another thing people often overlook when it comes to their veggies is seasoning. Simply boiling them with a pinch of often salt isn’t enough – things like the juice or zest from lemon and limes can instantly turn the most boring part of the plate into a taste sensation, without any added fat, salt, or sugar.

Mint is also a great herb to keep around the house. Mint can be added to lamb, made into tea, or used as a garnish in many dishes, and it’s actually one of the easiest plants to grow yourself! It grows quickly, smells fantastic, and is even pest resistant. Its roots are incredibly invasive, though, so if you plant it directly in the ground, it might spread further than you’d expect. That’s why we think it deserves an attractive spot on the kitchen windowsill, ready to be plucked for recipes just like this one.

This is a great recipe because it translates to just about any veg you might need to cook up, whether on the BBQ or not. It’s not rare to open the fridge door and realise the salad draw, packed with optimistically-bought veggies, is starting to reach its sell-by date, and you’re suddenly scrambling to think of what veg-heavy dish can stop them from going to waste. So do yourself a favour and give this recipe a go, and you’ll have one more go-to dish to cook up some delicious vegetables.

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