Prawn and Lentil Curry with Pickled Onions

Prawn and Lentil Curry with Pickled Onions

Pan of Lentil Curry with Naan Bread and Onions

Curry is a great go-to family dinner. You can make it with just about whatever meat and veggies you have on hand, and you can cook a big batch to serve up as an effortless meal throughout the week. If you’re big curry fans like us, you’ll definitely want this one under your belt!

This quick and easy curry is deep and hearty, with a warm spicy undertone and a splash of cooling yoghurt and tangy pickled onions. Perfect for warming up on a rainy day. This recipe comes from Family Home Cook, a 2017 Masterchef contestant, but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated! Making a fantastic curry from scratch has never looked so straightforward.

A great thing about this curry, aside form how quick it is to throw together for a last-minute dinner, is how low calorie it is! Prawns are a great source of low-calorie protein, just like lentils, so this dish is stuffed to the brim with nutrition, but takes it easy on the old waistband. Or leaves room for dessert, depending on your perspective.

Our favourite part of this dish might just be the pickled onions, odd as it sounds. Once you learn how to pickle, you’ll find you can’t stop until you’ve got jars upon jars of pickled goodies. The onions in this recipe would make a smashing topper for a summer salad, or good burger, so it’s worth giving it a go for those alone!

Family Home Cook also has a cracking flatbreads recipe if you want yours to look just like the picture. Plus, learning to make your own bread is very rewarding, and surprisingly easy to do.

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