The Mission

Our mission is simple. We set out to develop a range of quality products that will stand the test of time. Guys' grandparents' pepper mill was the inspiration behind Iron-Mills. Their mill was manufactured in the 1960s but still works perfectly to this day, and this is precisely what we have set out to replicate with our range.

We want to play our part in abolishing the increasingly prevalent 'throw-away' nature of modern products. Why is it that we now seemingly accept that the goods we use don't last? In times gone by, world-renowned brands made products laser-focused on a particular use case. You rarely hear the terms 'built for purpose' or 'to last' these days.

Cast-iron is a perfect material for kitchenware. It's fully recyclable so ideal for reducing our contribution to landfill. Plus, it has an industrial aesthetic that looks great in the kitchen and is (in our opinion) under-utilised.

If everyone made products, designed to last a lifetime, we'd significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce as a society. We're all guilty of purchasing the cheap throw-away plastic salt & pepper grinders. Sometimes they serve a purpose, but they're not enjoyable to use and break easily. If you're interested in making a difference, why not invest in tools that you'll love to use and cherish forever while helping to reduce our impact on the planet?