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The Man Behind the Mills

Hello everyone 👋

I thought that I'd take some time to introduce myself. My name is Guy, I recently turned 30 and I started Iron-Mills during the first national Covid-19 lockdown here in the U.K.

When I'm not working hard on Iron-Mills, I love to cook, more specifically, BBQ! I feel most at home when outdoors, whether thats skiing in the Alps, canoeing on the River Wye, cycling between pubs or hiking in the hills.

Pre-Covid, my partner (Emily) and I enjoyed, camping with friends and sampling Cheltenhams' restaurants & bars. Like most, we also miss a summer beach holiday, 🤞 with a successful vaccine roll out, we can get back to some sense of normality soon!

Guy & Emily in Barcelona

Work - Rolls-Royce

During the day, I work at Rolls-Royce in Bristol. My role is in the Defence Aerospace division, and I work as a technical engine planner for all O.E. (original equipment) programmes. Although my role includes planning for EJ200 and Adour engine & module build, I specialise in TP400 module assembly.

For those interested, I've included some links for you to find out more about the engines mentioned above. The TP400 modules that we build, go into the Airbus A400M, pictured below.

Airbus A400M Plane - Rolls-Royce

I work as part of a team of engine planners, and our role is often described as 'the glue' that holds operations together. We are responsible for; load and capacity planning, material input, and act as an interface between Rolls-Royce and our partner companies on the continent.

I started working at Rolls-Royce in 2013 when I joined as an 'Advanced Technical Apprentice'. For the first year of our apprenticeship, my colleagues and I were based at Bridgewater College, and this is where I gained my first exposure to manufacturing.

Rolls-Royce Apprenticeship Photo

We had a relatively intense practical element to our course. We studied everything from product design, using CAD (computer-aided design) software, right through machining and final assembly.

We were tasked with making a fully functioning 'steam engine' (which ran on compressed air) for our final project.

The apprenticeship's second and final year comprised of studying part-time at the college and learning through work-based placements.

My placements included six months in Defence Manufacturing. Where I worked as part of a team that manufactured components for legacy Rolls-Royce engines such as The Gem and The Gnome, followed by a Defence Operations and Capability placement. 

You can find more information on my LinkedIn page here: Guy Beardsley - LinkedIn