Iron-Mills February 2021 Update

Iron-Mills February 2021 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Thank you for checking back in for our early February update! Apologies again for not posting an update on our usual schedule, at the end of January. We wanted to wait until we had some exciting news to share with you all! Over the coming weeks, I will publish a short post each time we progress from one stage to the next as we near delivery.

Regulatory Compliance & Material Testing

Yesterday evening we received the results of the material migration testing - I am delighted to inform everyone that the results of our migration analyses are below the specific migration limits (SMLs) found in the UK/European food contact legislation.

We carefully selected the internal components and coatings, and we were confident that we had made the right decisions. That said, it is still a weight off our shoulders, now having evidence to substantiate our claim that our mills are perfectly safe to use for prolonged storage of food in direct contact.

Manufacturing Progress

In our last post, we briefly touched upon the new casting patterns we have commissioned to fix the manufacturing issue that had before Christmas. These are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday 10th February. It is our understanding that the resin moulds are to be mounted onto plates at the foundry.  

The optimist in us would like to think that we will have the new tooling by the end of the week, mounted onto plates. Plus, we will have run off a couple of batches of castings and checked that there are no issues before we make a production batch, the following week. 

Next Steps

As we touched on above, we will run off a few batches of castings. Check them thoroughly for issues. Once satisfied, we can move into production. The castings can then be transferred to the machine shop, which is very local (approx 10 minutes away), to paint (again very local) and then be collected for final assembly and packaging. 

While we were waiting for the upgraded tooling, we made some primitive modifications to our existing tooling to simulate our final fix. By doing this, we have had the opportunity to pass two smaller batches of castings through the machine shop and paint - giving us total confidence in the final steps of the process.

Rather than attempting to guess how long the final stages will take. We will keep posting regular updates as things progress. Plus, as promised, you can find more images of our new tooling below.

Kind regards,

Iron-Mills Team

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