Delivery Forecast - Week 5 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 5 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the fifth instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 19/03/2021 (Friday)

What a week. We were in an excellent position and eager to cast Monday morning. Our fortune turned on a dime. 

Early on Monday morning, I received a call with the bad news. Despite trialling the new casting patterns rigorously, the foundry simply couldn't mould without the logo on the mill's front snagging the sand.

Because the pattern impressions are resin cast, we initially thought that we'd have to re-make the tooling - a complete disaster. 

Fortunately, the skilled team at the foundry and our quality pattern maker quickly identified an inventive solution, which, if it was to work, had the potential to fix the issue to avoid further delay. 

Our pattern maker 3D printed a new logo onto a backing plate, roughly the thickness of a piece of paper. 

The new logo was modified, increasing the taper and changing the font to make the moulding process more repeatable. 

On Monday evening, our pattern maker re-modelled and printed a suite of updated sample logos overnight. On Tuesday, he painstakingly removed the old logo from one of the existing resin impressions ready for trials on Wednesday at the foundry. Thankfully one of the updated designs fixed our moulding issue. The patterns were returned to the pattern maker for Thursday, and he carefully removed the remaining logos and meticulously placed the new ones in their stead. Sadly on Friday, the foundry had other priority work and couldn't squeeze us in. 

Recognising the dire situation we were in, the foundry team took pity on me and kindly volunteered to open up shop on Saturday morning to mould and cast so we can finally move onto machining.  

I am yet to hear the yield as the castings will be turned out and de-burred on Monday. 

I am over the moon that we have made progress and that I did not have to write another update with bad news.


Other News

I have received and uploaded the two new colours mentioned in my production plan. I am excited to add The Onyx Mill and The Pigeon Mill to the range. Naturally, I will be prioritising the original colours, and these will be produced after. 

Should any of you wish to amend your order to include one of the two new colours, please e-mail and, I will update your order on the system. 

Thank you all for your continued patience.


Production Plan - Week 5 

The Onyx Mill - By Iron-Mills

The Pigeon Mill - By Iron-Mills