Delivery Forecast - Week 29 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 29 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the twenty-ninth instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 03/09/2021 (Friday)

Logo Mills - As reported last week, all castings have been machined and were delivered to the paint workshop on Friday, 20/08. I touched base with them this Friday, and they have applied the internal food-safe coating, but As touched upon last week, due to capacity issues, the bank holiday this week and some sickness, they will be powder coating the exterior in the coming week. Assuming things go smoothly, I'm hoping I will be able to collect them on 09/09. This means I will aim to have the majority of the pre-orders built, assembled & packaged up by the end of the weekend, ready for collection on Monday 13th of September. I have been advising recent purchasers that they will receive their orders by 20/09 just to give me a bit of time to re-organise the workshop and continue assembling products.

PackagingThe ship was due to be unpacked on 01/09; I'm told that after customs clearance and onward transport, I should receive them by 10/09. 

Spread the Word

If you've already received your order, firstly, I sincerely hope that you're very pleased. I've been receiving lots of lovely emails and pictures of mills in beautiful kitchens all over the world.

I'd love to use your feedback and images on my website to increase trust with potential customers in the future. 

In the coming weeks, I plan to install a review app to Shopify that will allow me to capture your feedback and present it neatly to future visitors, but also to learn from your feedback with a view to learning how I can improve my products over time.

I will be in touch with you beforehand, but if anyone has any questions, feedback or concerns, please email me at - I want to ensure that you're all delighted!

I do have a favour to ask. If you're willing, please share my website with your friends, family, and any online social forums/groups/communities that you may participate in. The power of having links across the web is incredible and will help search engines pick up my products so I can reach a greater audience!

What's Next?

Many of you have been asking me, what's next? 

While I have lots of ideas, I wanted to focus my energy on the current product as I thought it would be a little insensitive to roll out new products via the first was still in production. 

Before I share some of my ideas, I'd love to hear any ideas/suggestions that you may have. 

Then in the coming weeks, I’d like to share some of the concepts I have already been working on and potentially some of your ideas - all with the same focus on quality and longevity.


Thanks again for reading. I hope that you're all enjoying your weekend. 😃



Week 29 Update