Delivery Forecast - Week 28 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 28 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the twenty-eighth instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 27/08/2021 (Friday)

Logo Mills - All castings have now been machined and were delivered to the paint work shop on Friday 20/08. I touched base with them this Friday and they have completed all of the pre-treatment and prepared the surfaces of the metal ready for paint. Next week they are planning on applying the internal food safe coating. Sadly due to capacity issues, the bank holiday and some sickness they will be powder coating the exterior the following week. If things go smoothly I'm hoping that I will be able to collect them on 08/09. Which means I will have the first mills ready to dispatch by the next day and will probably have most of the orders fulfilled by the end of the weekend, ready for collection on Monday 13th of September. 

Packaging - The ship is due in to port on 30/08 and they are aiming to have it unpacked by 01/09, I'm told that after customs clearance and onward transport I should receive them by 05/09. 

Thanks for reading again, I hope that you're all enjoying your bank holiday weekend.