Delivery Forecast - Week 19 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 19 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the nineteenth instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 25/06/2021 (Friday)

Just a quick update concerning batch one - the machine shop has removed the logos on the entire first batch, and all of the mill bodies are back with the paint workshop ready to be re-coated. 

As communicated last week, I'm still expecting to collect them on Wednesday 30th, ready for final assembly. 


The Logo

Since writing my post last week, many of you have got in touch to say that you'd prefer to wait and receive your mill with a logo on it. 

As I mentioned in my post last week, removing the logo was not a decision I took lightly, it was in the interest of delivering without causing further delays. 

After speaking with many of you, I have started looking at ways to produce the follow on batch of mills with the logos intact.

To kick off the process, I have asked the machine shop to run me off a trial batch of 10 castings. These are scheduled to be ready for collection on Wednesday 30th June (in line with when I collect the painted bodies).

The idea with this second batch is to turn the outside diameter down to the radius feature above the logo and machine the rest as normal. 

We will then run a manual linishing / polishing operation in order to remove the casting split pattern lines and improve the rough surface texture (where required).

I am pretty confident that this will produce a good result. The foundry repaired the logos on the tooling used for the follow on batch to remove the minor nicks that were irking me before.

Plus, now armed with the knowledge of how little the paint hides when there is a poor surface finish, I'll be much better equipped to ensure this batch is appropriately prepared. 

I aim to have the trial castings returned to paint by Friday 2nd July. I'd expect to see how they've turned out toward the end of the following week. 

Assuming all goes well and I'm happy with the results, the next step would be to machine the remainder of the batch and apply the coatings. As a rough estimate, I'd expect those two operations to take around four weeks. Once complete, they would need to be assembled and shipped - which I'd plan for another two weeks.

If all goes well, that gives us a rough date of 9th July 2021 to see the results of the first batch of trials and an approximate delivery date of 20th August 2021.

The choice is completely yours as to which batch of mills you'd prefer to receive. I will be in touch with each of you individually when the first batch is ready to confirm things like your shipping address, mill type and colour selection. When I do that, I'll also speak with you about your logo preference. 

If you're curious but not entirely against the idea of receiving a mill without a logo, it might be worth waiting until the first batch of trials is done to see the results for yourself.

Of course, there is a chance that the first batch of trials isn't successful, and I'll have to look into different options.

We have a couple of other options we can look at, including; milling the logo into the front face, laser etching and re-designing the casting patterns so the logo is indented (not protruding), allowing us to turn the entire outside diameter. 

Apologies, this weeks update was quite long and filled with some technical jargon. I hope everything makes sense, but of course you're welcome to email me to ask any questions on

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Week 19 Update - Iron-Mills