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Delivery Forecast - Week 13 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the thirteenth instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 14/05/2021 (Friday)

Sadly, we had a slightly disappointing week. I was very much looking forward to sharing images of both the anthracite and oyster mills post painting. 

Sadly, the machine shop was unable to deliver the machined handles on Thursday as promised.

Therefore, we decided to continue applying the internal food contact coatings to the interior surfaces of all of the mill bodies we had available.

The machine shop is now communicating that they will have the machined handles ready by close-of-play on Friday the 21st. 

The cause of the delay was sadly not something that I had anticipated.

Castings are far from uniform, and each have their own unique size/shape.

When we made the prototypes and various samples we've made in the past, the machine shop was able to hand machine each component. This allows them to carefully evaluate the hole positions and where material needs removing on a part by part basis.  

In production, manufacturing is a different story. In order for the job to be viable financially, the machine shop need to be able to process the parts quickly in a CNC machine. To do this, a CNC code (made up of co-ordinates) must be written.

The challenge is writing a CNC programme that accounts for all of the possible variations in size and shape, which can be run on all of the handles. 

They now believe they have written a suitable programme and have promised to deliver half of the batch on Tuesday, with the remaining to be delivered on Friday. 

Unfortunately, there will now be a second round of polishing to remove surface defects where they have had to clear up some of the surfaces in order to make the shaft hole and rotating knob pin run concentrically. 

The good news is that I have now polished all of the castings we have around us, including the single and double mill rests. These will be accompanying the handles to paint ASAP. 

You'll notice that my production plan now shows all of the colours finishing in the same week.  This is because we pulled forward the internal coatings while we couldn't work on the handles. 

I apologise for further bad news and delays. I am hoping that this is the last hurdle we'll have to overcome now.

Kind regards,



Iron-Mills - Week 13 Production Plan