Iron-Mills December Update

Iron-Mills December Update

Hello everyone ūüĎč

Thank you for checking back in for our December update. In this post, we'll cover everything that we have been working on since our last update in the run-up to Christmas and the new year!

Regulatory Compliance & Material Testing

We've made great progress on this front - In late December we received further guidance from The Food Standards Agency as to how we are to demonstrate compliance with the relevant UK/EU legislation that governs 'materials and articles intended to come into contact with food'. 

In partnership with a trusted UK laboratory, we have come up with a suitable test plan to ensure our products are safe to use in direct contact with food. We have assembled four mills to be used in the tests and will be shipping them to the testing laboratory to begin testing in early January. The tests take approximately 3-4 working weeks. Once we have the results, we are free to start shipping products, armed with the knowledge that they will be safe to use!

Manufacturing Progress

Unfortunately, during the machine shop visit, virtually all of our castings were scrapped. When the flat on the top face of the mill was being machined the cutting tool plunged straight through into the hollow core of the mills. The cause of the issue was that the sand cores (used during casting) had shifted at the foundry, which resulted in one side of the top faces' wall thickness being much thinner than required.

We have understood the problem and to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future we have had to re-designed the tooling used in the foundry. The timing was really unfortunate as the pattern maker that we have been working with to make our production tooling was set to return home for Christmas. We tried as hard as we could to solve the issue before his return but were sadly unable to do so in time. He is returning to work mid-January and will make the adjustments then, which will allow us to re-cast the mills. 

Fortunately, re-casting will be much quicker this time around as the new tooling will cast four mills at once. When we produced the first batch of castings, they were being cast one at a time using one pattern for moulding.

Parting Words from Guy

I'd like to thank everyone again for all of the interest, your custom and feedback / support over the last few months. This has been a rollercoaster of a journey for myself personally. I will be glad to finally see the back of 2020 and I am looking forward to the new year and getting these fantastic mills into your hands and kitchens! 

I've included a picture that I took of one of the mills that is ready to be shipped to the testing laboratory below. I think it looks fantastic and I am very pleased with how they have come out! The mill pictured is coated in a textured Matt black finish, which will also be available to purchase in the future. 

Happy New Year!

Iron-Mills Cast Iron Pepper Mill in Textured Matt Black