Delivery Forecast - Week 8 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 8 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the eighth instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 09/04/2021 (Friday)

We've had another successful week. Castings are now moving through the foundry nicely.

Sadly, there were no castings ready for collection from the machine shop this week - we've agreed to collect two batches on Wednesday, 14/04. 

This will give us the remainder of the week to remove the sharp edges, polish and de-burr. The castings will then be ready for paint; they've advised a 10-12 day lead time from Monday 19/4.

Assuming the castings are returned from paint on schedule, they will be back with us on 04/05.

Following paint, I estimate that I'll need at least a week to assemble, pack and ship the Anthracite & Oyster Mills. 

That means our target date for dispatch of both colours is the week ending 16/05.

I hope this is the last time I will have to re-jig the production plan! 🤞 


In Other News

I'm pleased to report that we've also received the casting patterns for both the single and double mill rests as well as the additional handles this week. 

The foundry conducted their trials and have reported no issues - these are much simpler castings than the mill bodies, so we're confident that these will cast absolutely fine. 

The remaining handles and mill rests are set to be cast early next week and returned to me on Wednesday. 

All of the above puts us in an excellent position to execute the revised plan. 


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