Delivery Forecast - Week 41 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 41 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the 41st instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 26/11/2021 (Friday)

The November Batch

I'm pleased to report that we shipped all of the orders we could with the castings we had around us and reached the target point expected and communicated in last weeks update (plus a few bonus deliveries). 

Once again, I apologise if your order was delayed, we'll now fulfil your order from the Christmas batch.

The Christmas Batch

Last weeks update was full of doubt surrounding the gas leak at the paint workshop.

After my conversation with them on Friday afternoon, I am now highly confident that we'll fulfil all of the current orders before Christmas! 🎅

As communicated, the paint workshop prepared the internal and external surfaces for paint and started the inner coating on Friday. 

They're expecting to have the internal coatings completed by Wednesday, then move on to starting powder coating the exterior surfaces by the end of the week.

Based on their past performance, I'm confident that we'll be able to collect finished parts by 10/12. Giving us plenty of time to build, pack and dispatch the orders we have already and room for more too!

Thank you for reading,


Week 41 Update