Delivery Forecast - Week 40 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 40 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the 40th instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 19/11/2021 (Friday)

The November Batch

For the most part, we've made good progress this week.

As communicated last week, I collected more painted castings on Wednesday. 

I've been busy this weekend inspecting them and preparing them for the final assembly. 

Sadly, we're still seeing a high reject rate, but we're reaping the rewards of the various process improvements made over the past six months. The common issues we're seeing are faces that haven't been 'cleaned up' properly, resulting in surface anomalies visible through the paint or unwanted debris contaminating the paint. 

Unfortunately, we haven't yielded enough castings from this batch to fulfil all of our outstanding orders, a handful of orders will need to be fulfilled from the next batch.

As I get further through the assembly (early this coming week), I'll have a clearer picture of what's achievable and will be in touch with those with orders affected. As an early guide, it looks like all order placed after 08/11 will be affected.

Fortunately, we have enough castings to cover all of the orders that were placed some time ago and have plenty more castings in the pipeline to ensure the remaining orders are swiftly fulfilled (more on timescales below). 

I'm so sorry if your order will be delayed. As promised, refunds will be available upon request, if the revised delivery dates don't work for you. I am committed to ensuring the quality is very high, so we have to be very selective about which castings we accept. 

The Christmas Batch 

Things didn't go quite to plan this week, but I'm still confident Christmas delivery is achievable, but it is close to the wire!

The machine shop was supposed to deliver castings into the paint workshop on Wednesday, which slipped to Friday (so not the end of the world). 

The more pressing issue was the discovery of a major gas leak at the paint workshop.

Fortunately, the plant remains open, and everyone is safe. Luckily, they can work the inside coating of our mills without the use of gas. 

The challenge is the exterior powder coating, which requires the use of their gas ovens to dry and cure the paint. 

On Wednesday, they were hoping for the gas problem to be fixed by the week commencing 29/11. This would work perfectly for us. The only issue is if the problem takes longer than they hope to resolve. Their business depends on it, so I'm sure they are throwing all of their resources at it, and hopefully, they'll get it fixed on schedule! 

The external coatings usually take about a week, and the assembly pack and dispatch usually takes about a fortnight.

Assuming we collect the castings on Friday (3/12), we'll have plenty of time to assemble and ship all orders just in time for the big day!

Thank you for reading, and once again, I apologise if your order is delayed from the November batch, rest assured, your orders will be prioritised and shipped as soon as we have parts at the proper standard available.

Kind regards,


Week 40 Update