Delivery Forecast - Week 3 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 3 Update

Hello everyone 👋

As promised, please find the third instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 05/03/2021 (Friday)

Unfortunately, last week didn't go as smoothly as the first two weeks.

The casting cores promised to be delivered early in the week did not materialise. Which meant we were unable to cast any mill bodies.

Alas, time wasn't wasted. The foundry used the opportunity to cast handles for us, so there was at least some progress.

We've been assured that the cores will be delivered next week. This is an unfortunate pitfall of low volume manufacture. Our priorities and the priorities of our suppliers sadly do not always align.

The optimist in me hopes that we'll be able to regain lost time by racing through other parts of the process. 😃

Other News

We're pleased to announce that we'll be formally providing assurances in regards to our grinding mechanism. We'll offer a 10-year mechanism warranty and hope this demonstrates just how confident we are of their quality.

Iron-Mills 10 Year Mechanism Warranty Badge

This week's second exciting piece of news is that Iron-Mills were featured in 'Country Homes & Interiors' by the food editor Samuel Goldsmith. The piece was featured in his chefs' notes page. Sam found our website and liked our products and our brand. We'll try and upload a copy of what Sam wrote in the week. 

 Iron-Mills Production Schedule Week 3