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Delivery Forecast - Week 26 Update

Hello everyone 👋

Please find the twenty-sixth instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 13/08/2021 (Friday)

No Logo Mills - Rather frustratingly I'm still waiting to receive the bungs to complete the assembly of the last few orders. I'm now on first, and last name terms with all of the customer service agents at the company who supply them. They are now saying that I'll receive them by 18/08. As soon as they arrive the remaining mills will be shipped. 

Logo Mills - The machine shop have machined around 2/3's of the castings they had and are aiming to deliver the rest by mid week 18/08. I've chalked this up as a miss on the Gantt chart, but I'll do everything I can to condense the assembly into one week and not slip the original final delivery date published in my last update 03/09-10/09

Mill Rests - All parts now received. 😃 I have started putting them together now and will ship them as soon as the epoxy adhesive has properly set 16-17/08.

Packaging - I've not received any updates so I am assuming the date of 29/08 remains unchanged. I expect to receive them myself around a week after they arrive. 

Other - I have updated most of the websites main imagery to reflect the logo changes. But you'll also notice that the texture and colours have been slightly tweaked to better reflect the final product. I've included some images below for those who wish to see!

Thanks for reading again,


 Week 26 Update


Anthracite Grey Salt & Pepper Mills by Iron-Mills


The Oyster Mill by Iron-Mills


The Pigeon Mill by Iron-Mills - Quality Cast Iron Salt & Pepper Mills


The Onyx Mill by Iron-Mills - Quality Cast Iron Salt & Pepper Mills


The Coral Red Mill by Iron-Mills - Quality Cast Iron Kitchenware


The Purple Mill by Iron-Mills - Quality Cast Iron Salt & Pepper Mills