Delivery Forecast - Week 22 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 22 Update

Hello everyone ūüĎč

Please find the twenty-second instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 16/07/2021 (Friday)

No Logo Mills - I've assembled all the mills I can with the components I have around me. We have an order in for more parts, I touched on last week, but there are extended wait times to buy the material in that we need. 

I shipped a few sets this week, unfortunately one set arrived damaged, I am waiting on a delivery of exterior mailer boxes that will provide additional protection. They were due on Friday, but didn't turn up, as soon as they're here I will start shipping orders. 

Logo Trials - The engraving trials went really well - I think the results look great and this method will eliminate all of the issues I was concerned about (images below).

I have requested that we do one more test before machining the castings we have waiting at the machine shop (no time added). I want to be sure the engraved logo shows through in black still, just in case I need to adjust the engraving thickness. 

I've updated the Gantt chart but I expect the second trial to finish early this week, as soon as we have the green light the machine shop have given me a 2 week turn around, followed by two weeks at paint and one to two weeks of assembly / packing (Estimated 20-28th August). 


Other News¬†- I've¬†been¬†asked by a¬†several¬†customers to publish¬†a video of me using the mills. I have tried to shoot something that looks good, but I'm no videographer as you'll probably see. But hopefully the video below will give you a flavour of what to expect. I will enlist the help of a professional soon! I've added some images of the Coral Red & Purple Mills below too. ūüėÉ

Thanks for reading again.




Iron-Mills - Week 22 Update


 Oyster Mill by Iron-Mills Engraved Logo


The Coral Mill by Iron Mills - Quality Cast Iron Pepper Mill


The Purple Mill by Iron-Mills