Delivery Forecast - Week 2 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 2 Update

Hello everyone 👋

As promised, please find the second instalment of our weekly update below. We made excellent progress this week, and we're delighted to share this week's progress with you.

Week Ending 26/02/2021 (Friday)

This week we finally had the opportunity to run trials with our new casting patterns. As expected, we had several teething issues, but we're pleased to report that we had a successful end to the week, and we've successfully made all of the required final adjustments. We have now also perfected the logo, and it is now casting as pictured on the website. 😄 

The credit for this lies with the team at the foundry and our pattern maker. They worked tirelessly to correct the issues and managed to set up our new tooling to produce excellent castings - a true testament to their craft.

The week started with a bit of a scare. The first batch of castings was a complete disaster (pictured in order below). This issue was promptly diagnosed and rectified. 

Next, we moved onto a small problem where loose sand was dropping into the mould where the logo is positioned. After a few minor adjustments to the core box and the pattern plate's reversal, we also rectified this issue.  

The next batch, late on Friday, came out perfectly - the third time's a charm! 😎

With a couple of trips to a from the pattern maker, we are a couple of days behind where we wanted to be. The core box is now at the core blowing workshop, and we expect to receive them ready for production casting early next week. 

The cores are made from a mixture of sand and resin to produce a solid body, which sits inside the mould to create the internal void. When the body is cast, the sand can be 'knocked out', leaving behind the salt/pepper chamber. 

Assuming the cores are delivered as promised, we should be all set to cast the first production run late next week - in line with our production plan.

** The castings may look a little rough around the edges, they are yet to be cleaned up and machined.

Iron-Mills Production Plan - Week 2


Iron-Mills Production Casting Patterns

Iron-Mills Casting Cores

Iron-Mills Casting Mould with Cores Fitted Inside

Iron-Mills Handle Castings

Iron-Mills First Casting Batch Fail

Iron-Mills Casting Issue 2

Iron-Mills Final Casting Batch

 Iron-Mills Handle Castings