Delivery Forecast - Week 11 Update

Delivery Forecast - Week 11 Update

Hello everyone ūüĎč

Please find the eleventh instalment of our weekly update below. 

Week Ending 30/04/2021 (Friday)

I'll keep this weeks' update short and sweet as there hasn't been much news (which I am assuming is good news). 

I have moved the anthracite and oyster mills out by another week. This is simply because I am very conscious of the fact that we are yet to receive machined handles, which also have to be powder coated.

This is because the machine shop pulled forward the castings for all of the mill bodies - I can understand their decision to do this as the less machine set-ups, the better, and the overall quality of output will be much improved. 

As soon as we're back in the swing of things on Tuesday, I will be better placed to understand precisely when the machined handles will be ready to collect and transfer them to paint ASAP. 

The handles have a much shorter lead time than the bodies as they are simply powder-coated on the exterior surfaces, whereas the bodies go through two paint processes (interior & exterior).

I apologise again for another delay, I will do everything possible to re-gain lost ground during the remaining processes.

I hope that you're all enjoying your bank holiday weekend! 

Thank you for reading and kind regards,



Iron-Mills Week 11 Delivery Plan